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Animal Centred Education 

Animal Centred Education (ACE) is an integrated approach to animal wellbeing and education.  It incorporates methods that were developed by Sarah Fisher at Tilley Farm, her passion for detailed observations, building calm foundations on which further learning can be established and techniques inspired by animals and other professionals working in the world of animal education and welfare.

Animal Centred Education courses are designed to add more layers to your existing skills as an animal guardian, whilst connecting with the attending animals at their own pace.


  • ACE Associate Tutors
  • ACE Associate Tutors are members of the ACE Training Club and demonstrate a high level of observations and skill with ACE techniques. They have a good understanding of canine body language and behaviour, and are flexible and positive in their approach when supporting both canines and humans.
    ACE Associate Tutors have experience teaching classes, workshops, and/or giving one to one sessions and can teach one and two day Animal Centred Education workshops.

  • Vicky Alhadeff
  • Ellen Angelino
  • Jo Churlish
  • Yvonne Lawson
  • Penny Leedal
  • Shona Moon   
  • Penny Shephard   
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